AApplication Development

By closely collaborating with our clients and understanding their businesses, we construct the right roadmap for evolving their applications to deliver true business value, while offering collaborative environment, reliability and flexibility to meet the changing business requirements. Our application development methodology helps CIOs understand how to align IT more closely with the needs of business and extract greater value from their IT investments.

With a well-defined and mature application development process, Technimates supports clients through the entire application development lifecycle—from analyzing their IT requirements to developing focused solutions, to development and implementation and finally maintenance and on-going support for the applications.

We help our clients to scale higher levels of performance by developing innovative application development services that address their business objectives, reduce total cost of ownership and increase value from IT investments. Our in-depth industry knowledge, technical expertise, robust processes, platforming approach, global delivery model, and expertise at optimizing IT environments in globally scalable environments help us deliver measurable business results and transform our customers their application development investments into reliable and future-proof applications.

  • Re-engineering and Migration Services
  • Enhancements, Upgrades and Transformation Services
  • Application Maintenance and Support Services

Our application development services roadmap offers clients a portfolio of services which target cost reduction and address their business value creation priorities, by:

  • Understanding business challenges, considering business imperatives and tailoring a custom-made solution using latest technologies
  • Developing a strategic roadmap for evolution of applications into robust platforms
  • Establishing an ongoing plan and governance process for change management
  • Analyzing applications for common patterns
  • Identifying application components that can be extended or enhanced as core components
  • Integrating new functions, features and emerging technologies into the target architecture

Our application development services help clients:

  • Explore our engineering rigor, proven quality processes and frameworks to deliver efficient and high quality solutions
  • Accelerate innovation, achieve flexibility & scalability, increase productivity, reduce costs, optimize asset utilization and reduce time-to-market
  • Ensure that we meet specific requirements of clients business and address the most critical parameters of 'on time', ‘right first time’, 'within budget', and 'defect free' applications
  • Allowing us to consistently deliver on the “write once, use multiple times” paradigm through rationalization and optimization of the application development process and helps deliver increased productivity improvements year-on-year