RResource Augmentation

People are the greatest asset for any company. They help companies harness the potential power of business, technology and form a valuable part of the entire business process chain. For a business process to succeed in achieving its final outcome, its very important to redefine and enhance the relationship with both customers, shareholders, employees and business partners. Through improved communications- both "upstream" and downstream" - to suppliers and customers, you provide more choices, quicker response, more power and fewer reasons for them to turn to your competitors.

Technimates is committed to providing quality information technology consulting to its clients by combining dedicated, focused, ethical efforts with talented, experienced business professionals. We understand it is the professional behind the workstation who delivers the service whether it be cutting edge technologies or legacy system maintenance.

We as a Service provider, understand why client satisfaction is the basis for a successful business. We are committed to providing the best possible talent the industry has to offer. We base our client relationships on professional service from consultants and support staff alike. We perform monthly follow-up services to guarantee prompt problem resolution and support.

The key to our company's success lies in the quality of service provided. Technimates employs top IT professionals to ensure this quality. Utilizing the latest technologies, our team is skilled in identifying problems, analyzing alternative solutions, implementing changes and providing on-going expertise to our clients via on-site professional IT staffing services.

We stand out as compared to our competitors because:

  • We can bring in additional resources when needed.
  • We agree on effort (person hours) and timelines for each project
  • Easier to manage the project
  • Complete Money-Back guarantee if you are not satisfied
  • Enhanced Sourcing capability
  • 5-Panel Quality Screening