CCompliance Management System

The Life Sciences industry must maintain a high level of compliance in order to remain successful. Regulatory Agencies and Governments around the world have created a hugely complex regulatory environment. As a result, life sciences companies sometimes struggle to understand the full scope of the compliance risk landscape. Obtaining an enterprise-wide view of compliance risk or a single view of overall ‘compliance health’ is often a challenge.

Technimates can help your organization in selecting the right CMS (Compliance Management System) to overcome these hurdles and maintain compliance. We can advise an organization with our unique enterprise wide compliance risk management model.

Compliance has traditionally been viewed as simply an insurance policy against risk and accordingly received a proportionately low level of investment and attention. This is no longer sustainable. Compliance has to be viewed as a source of competitive advantage and customer differentiation. We have worked with range of CMS including third party out of the box solutions to customized custom products to meet organization goals and keep risk under control.

Examples of few CMS that we have successfully implemented, customized and validated are:

  • Sparta TrackWise
  • IBM OpenPages
  • Compliance Manager
  • Pristima
  • EtQ